About us

Canute is created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We help startups succeed internationally. Our vision is to make the Nordic tech ecosystem truly globalized.

We empower tech founders to grow their companies in new markets - faster and better.

Canute provides you with local connections and market knowledge to enable you for international success without having to waste months of work. Our services are specialized in five key markets for Nordic tech companies: The US, Germany, Sweden, The Netherlands, The UK. We cover areas such as fundraising, recruitment, legal and financial advice, PR, marketing, accelerators, offices and professional network.

Today, more than than 70% of our alumni startups have successfully entered new markets.

The team

Canute is the work of a dedicated team. Feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you might have

Mia Grosen

CEO & Founder


+45 28 70 04 21

Lasse Dam Jørgensen

Startup Relationship Manager

Malthe Mogensen

Creative Business Designer

Emil Brydensholt

Marketing & Community Manager

Mathias Meinert

Digital Designer

Ellen de Bever

International Program Manager

Eszter Gyöngyösi

Int. Program & Marketing Coordinator


It is only possible to run the Canute activities due to our amazing partners. This group provide the necessary support to let us empower Danish startups in international growth.

Why be a Canute Partner?

Why be a Canute Partner?

It’s a fact that Nordic startups need to scale internationally to be able to compete. Canute does a fantastic job connecting startups in relevant growth markets. This is why we see Canute as a valuable opportunity for our clients with scalable tech solutions.

Kent Due-Frederiksen, Global Head of Danske Bank Growth